My Love Affair with Embedr!

Embedr  is such a handy tool for presenting a video collection for a variety of uses.  I have used it for training purposes, but its, well, “embedding” capabilities make it easy for teachers to add to their class site for showcasing a topic or presenting student work.

How it works:   Sign up (for free)   and access a super-intuitive interface:

Playlists can be created two ways:  Standard – paste video URLs or embed code (I’ve had better luck with URLs rather than embed code), Smart Playlists allow users to add a YouTube username, for instance, and Embedr pulls the content of their YouTube “channel” (max of 50 clips) into the Embedr player.

Note:  if video sites are blocked on your school network, you may want to talk with your IT department as the specific URLs added to any playlist may need to be added to the whitelist for students.

Here is a sampling of a playlist (with hand-picked YouTube clips) I created:

iMovie Playlist