iCloud is My Friend

iCloud is My Friend

The host computer is never available on a moment’s notice, so I have used iCloud to my advantage.  Every building has a generic gmail (nameofbuilding_appstore@gmail.com) account set up on the device, without a payment option set up.  Apple describes this in their KB article – (Since I created the account, any account verification I handled myself).

This gives building leaders more ownership of their app downloads.

Buildings can use this account for free or “lite” version of apps.  Teachers can “shop” for apps right on the device, and the app can be installed by the teacher leader or principal with the iTunes password.  This is an extra step, but it keeps the teachers out of the iPad configuration loop, and solely in “How can I integrate said app into my classroom?” mode?

With one generic building iTunes account, bringing any new app down on another device is easy (our network settings don’t permit the functionality of the iCloud as it’s intended – automatically download the same app across all devices).  Even if I need to touch each device when new apps are downloaded, that’s fine, I still don’t have to keep track of apps, as iCloud does it for me!

On the device, within the App Store, click on the account name.  Along the bottom, selecting “Purchased” provides a listing of all  apps purchased with the generic building iTunes account to date.  Pressing the little “cloud” button simply downloads the app!


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