Adventures with iPads

Wrapping Your Head Around iPad Configuration –
(This is the first in a multiple-part series of my “adventures” configuring iPads for student and staff use)

A little background:
Owen J. Roberts has had an ongoing iPad initiative for about a year:
So far:
Phase 1: Administration & Teacher Leaders – Early 2011
Unintentional Phase 1:  Speech and Language Pathologists
Phase 2:  iPads for students (centers, “buddy system” model, project for full group)
Ongoing:  Teacher Leaders (Instructional Support, Principals, Coaches) turn-around training , student image development, and teacher training

I have touched every iPad in the district (over 100).  Initially, I was set and ready to utilize the iPhone Configuration Utility, but as I started, it wasn’t working as well as I had hoped.

So, knowing that iPads were designed to have one user, and not a room full of students, there were a couple of questions I was tossing around:

  • How can apps be pushed out to multiple devices easily?
  • How about pulling down updates on individual devices?
  • How can one or a set of iPads be functional and easy to use with minimal communication with the host computer?

The biggest thorn?  Purchasing Apps.

Good thing I have patient staff 🙂

“Tiara-Worthy” Tips:

1.  Have a teacher leader or principal’s computer as the host computer.    This will allow the iPads to have a “hard” backup (as opposed to the iCloud).  Also, any update to the iOS will need to be conducted on the host (I recommend once a month or once a marking period)

2.  Designate a point of contact in each building. – Having a teacher leader, principal or both familiar with the iPad functions and how to download free apps will come in handy if you serve multiple buildings like I do.

3. Training, training, and more training – a “train the trainer” model for each building’s contact person(s) and being available to provide even more PD yourself makes for an informative nucleus.


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