About Me

So what’s up with the whole “Tiara” thing?

(No, this isn’t some off-shoot of “Toddlers & Tiaras”.  It’s a site for you, an educational/instructional technologist)

I’ll tell you… This site is an extension of my @edtechdiva persona, of which I’ve used mainly for Twitter for about 5 years.  As the “Edtechdiva”, tiaras are much more sparkly than any old hat…   See?

With that said, my name is Elena Tobin.  I have been an educator for 14 years.  During this time, I have worn many “tiaras”!  My degree is in Special Education, with a Master’s in Educational Technology.  I have worked on all levels, including teaching 3-year olds!

“Tiaras” Include:

  • Life Skills teacher
  • Learning Support
  • Inclusive/Co-teaching
  • Assistive Technology Consultant – (for 23 school districts!)
  • Educational Technology Coordinator
  • and…  most current and by far THE best – Instructional Technology Coordinator K-12

Being in just one school district, is much better to manage – I still wear many “tiaras”, but I know students and teachers by name!


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