Guided Access Goodness!

Thank goodness for iOS 6!

Clicking the logo below will provide a comprehensive overview of all features Apple has to offer with its most recent update.


For my special education teachers currently test driving iPads in their classrooms, my favorite update by far is Guided Access 

What is Guided Access you ask?  Basically, guided access allows iPad users control of the “lock to app” feature (which was only controlled via the Apple Configurator up until now) right on the device!

What this means for teachers and parents of young children – Yes, you can only allow your students/children access one app, that doesn’t close with a click of the “home” button.

I have to give props to creators of this content, as it is one of the best explanations of Guided Access I’ve seen:  from iMore


image credit:

Final Step:  Set up a 4-digit passcode to toggle Guided Access on and off with your app of choice, and you’re golden….


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