Let’s Talk About Restrictions

Let’s Talk About Restrictions

Like I mentioned in my previous post about iPad Configuration (Adventures with iPads), I haven’t had good luck with the iPhone Configuration Utility.  Although time consuming, initially setting up student iPads by hand worked well for my elementary buildings.  Here are the settings out-of-the-box:

All options are completely unleashed for the user – not conducive for a Kindergarten class, for example (despite having a web content filter).  For good measure, I don’t want to take any chances.

 Restrictions – out-of-the-box  Restrictions for Classroom Use

So finishing off, this is how classroom-issued iPads are set up:

Deleting Apps

Notifications (for installed apps that allow those pesky push notifications)

In the “Allow Changes” area of restrictions, I have found that disabling location services hinders some app functionality (Voicethread, for example), so I’ve allowed it and just monitored how the students and the apps behave.

From playing around with settings and teacher feedback, the app ratings need to be set to “12+”.  Audioboo, for example, will not appear to be installed on the iPad unless 12+ ratings are set, so applications other than primary level apps can be installed without incident.

Finally, I choose to restrict “Deleting Apps”.  Why? Because when many students interact with the device, little fingers could inadvertently make the apps wiggle and disappear.  With PD for my iPad leaders as to how to enable and disable restrictions, the student iPad image can be managed by the individual buildings.


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