Spreading a Consistent Message…with iPads….

With so many devices being deployed in the district, I needed to keep the day-to-day process of iPad management, tight and consistent.

  1. I created a main “cheat sheet” for my teacher leaders (this also included principals) to provide them more detailed info regarding the iPad set up (passcodes, wifi settings, etc. “Train the Trainer”-type model). There are  7 buildings to support, so I need a nucleus of people who can support at the building level when I am not available.
  1. I also introduced these individuals to the FAQ (teacher “cheat sheet”), as in addition to hands-on iPad. This is for teachers and answers specific questions about iPad logistics for classroom use.

Snippet of an Elementary School’s iPad Teacher “Cheat Sheet”

What I discovered:

  • Not all teachers have had experience with using iTunes
  • Those who do, need further clarification about using a generic iTunes account vs. purchasing with personal iTunes accounts.
  • Everyone needs basic experience with iPad’s accessibility features:  pinch to zoom, creating folders, multi-gesture settings, etc.
  • Teachers need help wrapping their head around integrating an app, one ipad, with a classroom full of students.

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